Principals PD - School Leaders Site Visits

Principals at each of the following schools had the opportunity to showcase the turnaround processes that have yielded the most success in increasing student achievement. Approximately 200 school leaders had the opportunity to delve into practices that have been successful by asking questions, observing implementation and participating in group discussions.

Northwest Elementary

Pitt County Schools
Dennis Teel

Priority to Reward

From Priority to Reward! Learn how we grew 22 points in one school year as staff members share radical changes that were made in school culture,
data-analysis, scheduling, student engagement and instructional practices.

Mineral Springs Elementary

Richmond County Schools
Wendy Kelley Jordan

Culture of Learning through PD & PLC

School leaders have the opportunity to witness what happens when we move
beyond our foundational intent focus on data-driven instruction, differentiation,
high-level questioning of students and writing across content areas. Our
sense of urgency is palpable through purposeful PLCs, celebrations of small
successes, and job embedded professional development both with grade level
teammates and vertical teams. Come catch the excitement of a sustained turnaround.
Mineral Springs.jpg

Draper Elementary

Rockingham County Schools
Russell Vernon

Data Driven Leadership

School leaders have the opportunity to experience how to create a
Culture of Learning through Data-Driven Leadership.

Stories Creek Elementary

Person County Schools
Veronica Clay

National Title I School of Distinction 2011-2012

School leaders will experience the Culture of Commitment to Student
Achievement at this nationally recognized Title I school. Come see what
happens when leadership and staff implement research-based learning
focused strategies with fidelity through the dynamic use of PLCs.
Stories ES.jpg

Wellcome Middle

Pitt County Schools
Maurice Harris

Instructional Revolution

Come learn about Wellcome's Revolution! See how we are building a more
positive, academic-centered culture through a focus on literacy instruction,
data-analysis and celebration.

MLK Jr. Middle

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools
Jennifer Dean

Data Driven Collaboration with District on Achievement Strategies

School leaders will explore effective data protocols used to guide PLC data
discussions. District support staff will share how the district and the school
work collaboratively to design data driven intentional instructional strategies to
target student achievement.
MLK Middle.jpg

Dudley High

Guilford County Schools
Jesse Pratt

Creating/Sustaining School-Wide Focus on Achievement

School leaders will be equipped to redesign the organizational framework of a
low achieving school with a focus on student achievement while simultaneously
reestablishing the direction for stakeholders. See turnaround delivered through:
school-wide professional development, technological strategies implemented in the classroom, and making success an obtainable goal by focusing on
students’ needs.
Dudley HS.jpg

Greene Central HS

Green County Schools
Patrick Greene

The Secret Sauce

Patrick Greene, the new GCHS principal, has focused on strengthening the
school culture and building school pride. He has several strategies to share
about the how and why he focused on this area. He has strong data showing
a significant drop in discipline issues and an increase in attendance. Many
of his strategies are about the little things that result in big improvements.
Greene HS.jpg