Integrating Reading Strategies with iPads
Daily Five Management with the iPad
  • Create a classroom email account on the iPad. Set up student iPads with this email account so students can email their work to this email address.
  • QR codes for Anchor Charts - Running out of space for all those anchor charts? Take a picture of the anchor chart and make QR code.
    • Directions Creating a QR Code for a Picture [Same as Works on Writing: Picture Story Starters]
  • QR codes for Video Directions for Center Activities - Record video directions for the Daily Five center and upload video to YouTube. Create a qr code at Download a QR Code Reader at I-nigma or QR Code Reader.

Create Classroom Accounts

Read to Self
read to self img.png

Use Quick Voice to have students record their fluency. Reading passages are laminated. Students listen to their own reading and check off which words they skipped, etc. Enter information into a Google form using a QR code to record their progress (indicating how many words missed, correct,etc.)
Find Reading Passages at Read Works Reading Passages

Listen to Reading
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The teacher records herself/himself reading book with either Audio Boo or Then create a QR code for the recording at Print and paste the QR code in the front of the book.

Involve your students' parents: Send the AudioBoo
or link and a book home to parents. Ask parents to record themselves reading the book and then email the link to you. Create a QR code and paste it into the book. It's a great way to involve parents, community, grandparents and students will be surprised and excited to hear their voice!

Directions: Listen to Reading Using AudioBoo [Same as Create a Podcast with AudioBoo [PDF]

Read to Someone
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Use EduCreations to record the reading of the book and the listeners' questions. Upload a picture of the books into EduCreations. The reader stops recording after each page. Student who is listening uses a signal to pause the recording. The student who is listening records their question or comment.

Directions: Read to Someone Using EduCreations:

Question or Sentence Starters: Read to Someone Bookmarks:

Works on Words
word work img.png
Students take a picture with the iPad of the words created with manipulatives in the center.
Level 1: Email picture to the teacher
Level 2: Upload into EduCreations and read/explain the words.
Level 3:
          • Create a Linoit page where students type the words that they created in in the center on a note on the wall.
          • Students use Croak.It (30 seconds) to explain and read the words that they created. Email the recording to the teacher.
          • Students create a mind map with Popplet to organize the words they created. Export and email the image to the teacher.
Directions: Works on Words with Linoit [PDF]
Directions: Works on Words with Croak.It [PDF]

Works on Writing
works on writing img.png

Students use AudioBoo to create a podcast of their written story.
Directions: Create a Podcast with AudioBoo [PDF] use a QR code to send students a writing prompt.
Directions: Story Starters with Pictures

Daily Five & iPads [PDF printable version]

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