Creating Forms in Google Docs


Watch the video below on how to create a Google Form.


Does your school or workplace shout "Welcome!" to parents, students, and staff? One way to gather feedback on
your customer service would be to ask your "customers" to take a survey. Together with your group, brainstorm a list of questions that you might
use to gather this information. Decide on 3-5 questions for your Google Form.

Now login to with your personal gmail account or your school gmail account.
Together with your group create a Google Form that includes at least 3-5 questions.
You may challenge your group by using at least three different types of questions.
Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 6.19.31 PM.png


Finished? Click the blue Send Form button and Send form via email to
Send Form Screen Shot.jpg


Now brainstorm some ideas on how to use a Google Form in your workplace setting using this Google Doc

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