VoiceThread is a great digital storytelling tool that can also be used for Global Collaboration. When schedules or time zones make it difficult to connect via video conferencing, VoiceThread provides the ability to communicate asynchronously via text, audio, or video.

Why use VoiceThread?
  • Provides a framework for 21st Century Learning based on the P21.org Framework: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking
  • Encourages teachers to reach for the standards on the NC Teacher Evaluation Instrument specifically:
    • Respecting Diversity
    • Extending the learning past the content area and sparking student curiosity
    • Collaborating with others outside the classroom
    • Promoting Global Awareness
    • Making learning Relevant by connecting with outside experts
    • Developing critical thinking and problem solving skills by encouraging students to ask questions, synthesize information, and draw conclusions.

To make the most of a VoiceThread in a Connected Classroom, include these elements in your planning:

|| VoiceThread || Setting up VoiceThread || Planning a VoiceThread Lesson || Student Examples || Connecting with Others ||