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Purpose:To prepare NCDPI personnel to become certified CNA Reviewers so they can actively participate in Comprehensive Needs Assessments in schools and districts across North Carolina.
Workshop Description:This is an intensive four-day experience where NCDPI personnel will role-play, observe classroom instruction, collect evidence, analyze data, determine impact on student learning, conduct interviews, make professional judgments, and collaborate with peers as they learn about the CNA process.
Objectives:Participants will . . .
  • Learn the procedures and protocols for participating as an effective CNA team member.
  • Collect evidence and determine its impact on student learning during class observations and accurately calibrate findings with other team members.
  • Develop techniques to lead teacher, student, or parent focus group sessions and ask effective probing questions.
  • Practice gathering evidence of educational effectiveness throughout a school as part of the CNA process.
  • Learn to keep a School Record Book that accurately and clearly shows evidence collected, impact determined, and professional judgments made by the reviewer.
  • Make professional judgments based upon data collected for a school, calibrate judgments with other reviewers, and craft statements describing what a school is doing well and what it must do to improve.

  • Write an excerpt for the report that addresses one of the dimensions of the rubric.
  • Complete the semi-annual survey regarding availability and connectivity.
  • Continue to support the assessment process by participating on CNA teams.

Meet the Instructional Review Coach Team:

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Questions and Comments:
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PDF of Power point Presentation:

Training Day One:
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Close of Day One:

Training Day Two:
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Close of Day Two:

Training Day Three:
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Close of Day Three:

Training Day Four:
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Close of Day Four:

Additional Resources:
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