Reaching All Students for Success

PD for School Leaders Session #15

Agenda for Session #15
Session 15 DST Booklet


Introductory Poverty Slide Show
Poverty Power Point Presentation - PDF Format
References for Students From Poverty

Poverty Breakout Sessions
------- Breakout #1 - Poor Kids --------
------- Breakout Session #2 - Art Activity --------
-------- Breakout Session #3 - Poverty Walk --------
Impact of Poverty Chartpoor kids.png
Public Broadcasting Service (2012, November 20).Frontline: Poor Kids. Retrieved from
Art Project Power Point[ PDF Format ]
Analysis of Resources
Poverty Walk QuestionsPoverty Scenario

American Broadcasting Company News (2007, January 26).
Nightline: Diane Sawyer interviews professor Luke Harrisregarding Camden, New Jersey. Retrieved from

African American Males
Achieving Educational Excellence with African American Males - Power Point - PDF Format

Contact Information: Don Doggett, MEd,
Darlene Morgan Brown, PhD,

Exceptional Children
Exceptional Children Power Point Presentation - PDF Format
Student Achievement Pyramid

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English Language Learner
Instructional & Support Systems to Improve Achievement ESL/ELL - Power Point in PDF Format
Instructional Model Descriptions
Article on Best Practices for Adolescent ELLs

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