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21st Century Learner Activity
You will split into small groups to explore the following stations. Please take your device with you. There are five stations and you will rotate through the stations depending on time. The directions for each station are posted on the links below and provided at the table.
Reflection with Nearpod
You will be asked to create a reflection using Nearpod. After each station, you will be asked to enter your reflection on a Nearpod slide.

00000000000000000 Station 1
State of the Earth
000000000000000 Station 2
What's Typical?
000000000000000 Station 3
Data Dialogue
00000000000000000000 Station 4
Why Should You Care?
000000000000000 Station 5
Shocking Images
21st Century Learners

Presenter Contact Information

Emma Braaten

Sara English

Julie Garber

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