When tragedies occur, some people might say, "I don't care."
Really, that response may stem from lack of awareness, feelings of helplessness, or distance from the problem.


1. Choose Your Own Ending

  • Select one of the envelopes at your table and read "Your Story" on the front.
  • Open the envelope and read the statements on each of the smaller envelopes.
  • Choose the statement with which you agree.
  • Then read the result of your choice from inside the envelope.

2. Once you have completed the activity, answer the group reflection questions:.
  • Why should we care about others?
  • How do you develop empathy in your students and build civic literacy?

00000000000000000Station 1
State of the Earth
000000000000000Station 2
What's Typical?
000000000000000Station 3
Data Dialogue
00000000000000000000Station 4
Why Should You Care?
000000000000000Station 5
Shocking Images
21st Century Learners
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