While the world is continuing to grow, our knowledge of what is happening in the world should continue to grow as well!

earth pulse quiz.png
1. Take this 15 question quiz to determine how much you know about global trends that affect us all.
Go to Quiz: Earth Pulse.

2. Once you have completed the activity, answer the group reflection questions:.
  • Based on the quiz, has your perception of your personal global awareness changed?
  • Are you as globally aware as you thought?
  • Why is global awareness of value in education?

00000000000000000Station 1
State of the Earth
000000000000000Station 2
What's Typical?
000000000000000Station 3
Data Dialogue
00000000000000000000Station 4
Why Should You Care?
000000000000000Station 5
Shocking Images
21st Century Learners
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